Affordable Plans to Boost Your Business Locally

You're probably asking yourself, "What exactly are local SEO packages?"

Simply put, they are a bundle of vital services all designed to improve your website's rank on search engines in a specific geographic location.

A light-hearted, cartoon-style illustration that represents the concept of local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages. The image should depict the theme of 'local business promotion' through easy-to-understand symbols such as rising graphs, a magnifying lens focusing on a specific area on a geographical map, and cost-friendly price labels. The vibe of the image should be cheerful and inviting, demonstrating the affordability and importance of these strategies for the growth of small-scale businesses.

Now, why is this important?

Because it helps your local customers find you easily when they search online for businesses like yours.

When done right, local SEO helps you shine brighter than your competition in the digital marketplace. How? Well, local SEO can give your website a significant visibility boost across popular search engines.

This increased visibility means that potential customers in your area are more likely to find you before they find your competition.

Tiers of Local SEO Packages

Now, let's take a glance at our local SEO packages.

We offer various tiers, ensuring there's a fit for every budget and need. The services within each package are curated to maximize your online visibility, stirring more local customers’ interest, and subsequently, boosting your overall business growth.

A friendly and engaging cartoon scene depicting local keyword research and analysis. The setup includes cheerful figures of diverse descents and genders working together in a room full of large digital screens showing colorful diagrams and data visualizations. The tables have computers, a huge magnifying glass showcasing the keywords, various SEO tools, and coffee mugs. One figure is pointing to the screen whereas another one is taking notes. The atmosphere is buoyant and collaborative, indicative of a productive and successful SEO session.Keyword Research & Analysis
Pricing $200-$500
A light-hearted and approachable illustration in a cartoon style showcasing the concept of On-Page Optimization. This might include common SEO elements such as unique keywords emerging from a sheet of website code, clickable hyperlinks glowing in a welcoming blue color, engaging multimedia elements like photos and videos, as well as a loading speed gauge showing impressive results. All these symbols, distinctly drawn and vibrant, are hovering over an open laptop screen which acts as a foundation for the overall composition.On-page Optimization
Pricing $300-$800
An amiable cartoon illustration displays an abstract yet creative representation of google my business optimization. The focal point is a large, whimsical gear with smaller gears working together to create a synergistic effect. Various flow charts, graphs, and SEO tools orbit around the central gear, each labeled with terms like 'keywords', 'backlinks', 'social media', and 'reviews', hinting at different strategies to optimize a business for search engines. A digital world globe is subtly blended in the background, symbolizing global reach.Google Business Optimization
Pricing $150-$400

Our local SEO packages start with a complete website audit. This allows us to understand your current website performance and identify ways to enhance your online visibility.

We ensure your site is optimized for:

  • speed
  • mobile usability
  • security, and 
  • overall user experience, all of which are critical for a stellar online presence.

Local Keyword Research and Analysis

The next element is keyword research, a cornerstone of successful SEO. We find high-impact keywords relevant to your local business to ensure your website appears in local searches. These keywords are mapped to your website’s content, further enhancing your chance of being found by potential customers in your vicinity.

Thorough research to identify relevant keywords specific to your business and local area.
Pricing: $200 - $500 depending on the scope of the project.

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On-Page Optimization

As part of our local SEO services pricing, we also offer on-page SEO. This includes optimizing the metadata, headers, content, and images on your website to make sure everything aligns with the selected keywords.  This enhances your website's relevance to search engines.

Optimization of website elements such as meta tags, headings, and content to improve local search visibility.
Pricing: $300 - $800 per month, depending on the size of the website and complexity of optimization.

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Google My Business Optimization

To finish off our basic local SEO package, we tackle a powerful tool known as Google My Business (GMB). We form an optimized profile with accurate information about your business, including your address, operation hours, services, and lots more. This plays a key role in improving your local search engine rankings.

Complete setup and optimization of Google My Business profile, including business information, photos, and reviews management.
Pricing: $150 - $400 one-time fee or included in monthly packages.

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Create a cartoon-style illustration that showcases the various elements associated with local directory listings. Include a collection of colorful icons that represent different types of businesses such as a coffee cup for cafes, a checkmark for certified businesses, a stack of books for libraries, and so on. Around these icons, add a city or town backdrop that reflects a vibrant local community. The overall tone of the image should be friendly and inviting, infusing positive energy into the abstract concept of local directory listings.Local Directory Listings
Pricing $200-$600
A whimsical scene showcasing the concept of Review Management in cartoon style. The image should include some animated characters engaged in the process of evaluating, analyzing, and managing reviews. Visually, this might include a large magnifying glass inspecting a review on a parchment, a tube of rolled-up feedback slips, and a character, perhaps a mouse, seated at a desk, juggling a pen and a pile of reviews. The style should be colorful, vibrant, and approachable, suitable for children and adults alike. Human characters should be diverse in gender and descent, creating a more holistic depiction.Review Management
Pricing $100-$300
Create an image of a friendly cartoon themed office environment. Showcase monitors with neatly arranged colorful charts and graphs indicating progress, on a beautifully wooden desk. A large wall calendar hangs beside, reminding of monthly targets. A coffee mug with a pencil holder rests on the desk. The room is filled with ambient sunlight through a large window, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Cartoon people of various descents and genders are collaborating, some monitoring the analytics, while others are discussing strategies, exemplifying a robust analytics and monthly reporting system at work.Monthly Reporting and Analytics
Pricing $100-250

Local Directory Listings

Another local SEO package feature is directory listing and citation management. This is all about ensuring your business information is correctly and consistently listed across all major online directories. Inconsistencies in your contact details can harm your search engine rankings, something we are careful to avoid.

Submission and management of business listings on local directories and review sites to improve online presence.
Pricing: $200 - $600 per year, depending on the number of listings and ongoing management.

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Review Management

Monitoring and responding to online reviews across various platforms to maintain a positive reputation.
Pricing: $100 - $300 per month, depending on the volume of reviews and level of engagement.

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Monthly Reporting and Analytics

Regular reporting on local SEO performance metrics and insights to track progress and make informed decisions.
Pricing: $100 - $250 per month, typically included in monthly service packages.

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Bundled Local SEO Packages

Pricing Packages Starter Growth PremiumStarter Growth Premium

Starter Package - $500 per month
Includes on-page optimization, Google My Business setup, and monthly reporting.

Growth Package - $800 per month
Includes all services from the Starter Package plus local keyword research, directory listings, and review management.

Premium Package - $1200 per month
Comprehensive package covering all services mentioned above, plus advanced analytics and ongoing strategy adjustments for optimal results.

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When clients opt for more advanced local SEO packages, we offer content creation. This covers blogs, articles, and landing pages all designed around locally relevant keywords to attract localized traffic. Good content forms a connection between you and your readers leading to more business.

We also offer link-building services in our high-tier local SEO package. This involves strategizing and implementing ways to earn high-quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks increase your website's authority in the eyes of search engines, thereby improving your local search rankings.

Something we often get asked is, "Why can't I just do local SEO myself?"

Yes, while you could try, there are numerous potential pitfalls and the learning curve is steep. Trusting a professional who understands the ins and outs of SEO ultimately saves you precious time and resources.

Our results-oriented approach to SEO, our commitment to client success, and our knack for personalization are what set us apart from other local SEO providers. We approach each of our clients from a space of understanding, focusing on personalized strategies to align with their unique needs.


We are too.

With our local SEO packages, we lay out an opportunity to improve your website's rankings, attract more local customers, and keep them coming back. Each service packed into our packages comes from experience and an unwavering commitment to ensuring your local business thrives.

Remember, our local SEO packages are not just bundles of services. They're a combination of strategies designed with the sole objective of improving your ranking on search engines. We're focused on getting you a return on your investment and driving your business growth.

By partnering with Desert Skies Local SEO and choosing our tailored local SEO packages, you are choosing to stay one step ahead of your competition. Every local business deserves the limelight, and our local SEO services and pricing are designed around the exact purpose - to see you shine!

Get ready to grow with us! Take advantage of our well-crafted local SEO services today and drive customers to your business.